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Candylicious: reflections on femininity

The performance was created first for a gallery space in Queens (Local Project), then developed for a black box theater space in New Jersey (Nimbus Dance), and finally for a Brooklyn performance art space (The Exponential Festival.) I collected various beauty materials and objects used in society to define the “girly” female body: pink, skinny, airy, and hairless. A Sleeping Beauty cutout is a visual beacon for me during performance. I dressed in calamine lotion and took pepto bismol to numb the internal resistance to conforming to a “girly” archetype. Intense muscular articulation of the body trying to break through the calamine and reveal itself comes up against a flattened view of a smooth and unfettered presentation of self. In thinking of the loudness of the “girly” aesthetics in the backdrop I created, I wondered if beauty standards can come from within or are internalized behaviors from societal influence.

Performances at
Local Project (August 15, 2019)

Version: Near home, 18 minutes

Nimbus Dance (October 5, 2019)
(photos by Odelia Toder)

Version: for stage, 10 minutes

Para\\el Performance (January 11, 2020)
Version: Dulce Niña, 16 minutes

(photos by Walter Wlodarczyk)

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