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¿comfortidades' 錢意識? (2020-2021)
Zoom performance (40 minutes) +
Self massage workshop (10 minutes) +
Online self care video (24 minutes) +

The title of the piece, ¿comfortidades' 錢意識? is thinking about the subconscious desires of comfort and commodities. Are they meant to soften us into compliance or restore us to keep standing up against the injustices of the world? 

The experience will be based on three presentations of self care rituals: cleaning, getting a massage and being swaddled in a blanket. The ways the body engages with the rituals restrict the agency of the body with each additional presentation. The performer begins with the meticulous cleaning of a blanket with just a lint roller. After the meditative zen garden-like lint rolling, the performer begins a hands-on cupping massage workshop that looks at the body as an object to be manipulated. Audience members can partake without having a cupping set or just watch. Finally, the experience ends with a performance between the performer and blankets in the room. Besides the examination of compliance and comfort, there are multiple cameras placed about in the room, reflecting about the posturing about excess, justified as self-care in a world where perpetuating injustice thrives on having comfort/commodities being used as a currency of success.

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